Adventures of E. A. Season

8th in a series.

The next morning I finished my trip to Uncle john’s, some five miles. I found Uncle John and George at home. Uncle George’s wife died the winter before I got there. Uncle John’s wife and small girl were well. They lived in a small log house that they had built the year before. After I got there we did some plowing and planted some corn and potatoes, and cut and hauled logs for a house for Uncle John. I had to haul all the lumber for same, some twenty-two miles from Uncle’s. We had the house finished before fall and Uncle John moved in and I with him. During the summer there were a number of families moved in and settled. I stayed all winter with Uncle, got up a large pile of wood and did some hunting. There were deer, wolves, partridges, and lots of prairie chickens, so I managed to pass the time very well.

Edwin may have used a team and plow such as these to plow his Uncle’s land in Goodhue County, MN. Photo courtesy