About Us

Founded in 1949, The Stow Historical Society continues to preserve the history of Stow through its historic home tours and collection of significant local artifacts. Members enjoy educational programs at seven member meetings a year.  An annual picnic is held in August and an installation of officers luncheon in December.  The annual Harvest Festival, traditionally held the first weekend in October, is the society’s main fundraiser.

Stow Historical Society welcomes new members.  If you are interested in joining or have questions about the organization, please email shs@stow.oh.us. Click here for a membership application.


Elizabeth Cowles1950
Arthur Moore1951-53
Martha Hubbard1954-59
L. K. Day1960-63
Arthur Amlung1963
Paul Coleman1964, 1975
Charles Barker1976, 1977
Alberta Tilton1978
Tom Troyer1979
Paul Coleman1980, 1981
Everett Montgomery1982, 1983
Hank Ford1984
Dean Martin1985
Paul Goebbel1986
Ellen Coughlin1987, 1988
Harry Houston1989
Gladys Etz1990
Nancy Reller1991, 1992
Ellen Coughlin1993
Edwin Williams1994-96
Catherine Flower1997
Edwin Williams1998-2000
Betty Fletcher2001
Howard Corathers2002
Bob Flower2003-04
John Baranek2005-11
Bob Flower2012
John Baranek2013-2018
Ron Piatt2019
Bryan Menke2020-21

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