E.A. Season in the Civil War

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About New Year’s I was discharged.

Edwin’s biography on the 1st Minnesota website http://www.1stminnesota.net/#/soldier/851 states that he contracted pneumonia in December 1862 and was confined to a hospital in Washington D.C. During his stay there he was visited by President Lincoln. Edwin was discharged December 20, 1862.  At that time he moved back to Stow, Ohio.

In March of ’65 the township of Stow had to furnish six men to clear the town of a draft. The town offered a bonus of one hundred dollars to each man that would enlist. I and four other men said we would go. One of the trustees (a Mr. Call) took us to Cleveland to be examined and sworn in, also to find a sixth man to fill the quota. We stayed in Cleveland all night. In the morning as Mr. C. and I were on our way to the office I saw a man coming toward us that I recognized as one of my comrades, George Buck of Company C. He had just come in on the boat from Detroit. He wanted to enlist so he went with us. We all passed inspection. We were sent to Camp Chase at Columbus, Ohio, where we were discharged at the end of the war.

The “Mr. Call” Edwin referred to was most likely Moses Danforth Call, a prominent resident of Stow Township. Moses was married to Harriet Marie Starr and had four children (Mary, Emma, Charles, and Ellen). Mr. Call is buried at Maplelawn Cemetery in Stow, Ohio. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/29348305/moses-danforth-call.

Moses D. Call (owner of Call’s Farm, Stow Township trustee, and member of Stow Township School Board)