E.A. Season in the Civil War

29th in a series.

One morning I, with a number of others, were assembled to be sent to a convalescent camp. The names were all called but mine. I was left standing so I went back to the hospital. A Dr. Tryon had charge of the ward. He was interested in me and when he did any amputating I always helped wait on him. He was the cause of me remaining at the hospital. His sister came to visit him while I was convalescing and, as she wished to see Washington, Doctor chose me as her escort. One of the days I took her to see Washington’s monument which was about one half done at the time. The entrance was all fastened up, but there was a hole about two and a half feet square at the base which I crawled through. As she wished to go in too she followed. I should judge the wall was about twenty feet thick.

The Washington Monument was built between 1848 and 1884. Construction was on hiatus during the Civil War. Photo courtesy Library of Congress