E.A. Season in the Civil War

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Edwin wrote more than one letter to his friend Mary. His letters to her have been kept in the Season family and still exist.  A letter dated July 27th, 1862, describes his involvement in the Battle of Mechanicsville at the end of June, 1862. This battle was the start of Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s counter-offensive against the Union Army of the Potomac, which was under the command of Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan.

Edwin writes: Thursday (June 26th) there was a fight at Mechanicsville (Virginia) on the right of our lines, the rebels making the attack on McCall’s (General George) forces. It was a severe fight and lasted until about 9 p.m. Friday the right wing fell back in order and another battle was fought near Gaines Mills not far from the Chickahominy. Saturday the 25th our forces slowly retired before super numbers and there was fighting most of the day….we lay in the entrenchments….To say that we listened and watched with intense anxiety the aspect of the affairs scarcely expressed it. These are days we shall never forget.