E.A. Season’s Letter to Mary

24th in a series.

Edwin’s letter to “Friend Mary” continued…

We have stopped on another camping ground of the rebels. They have left lots of flour, pork, and some guns and lots of other things. I have just seen the best “sell” I have seen for a long time. One of our boys, Hank Childs, the same that corresponds with Helen, came in in a full suit of Confederate clothes with a guard each side him. All the boys began to crowd around. They thought they had got a prisoner for good but they soon found they was sold. The boys keep coming in – some with guns and some has found plenty of tobacco and are laying in a store for a rainy day. We will probably stay here all day We will have to find out what is ahead before it will be safe to move

I don’t know when I will get a chance to send this off for I may not see the post man for a week I am going out to see what I can find.

Edwin (right) is pictured here with friend Hank Childs (left) Photograph is dated 1862