E.A. Season in the Civil War

15th in a series.

We marched a long way and took cars at 10:00 p.m. via Fort Wayne and Pittsburgh, where we got a fine breakfast and hot coffee. After we left for Harrisburg where we arrived at 10:00 a.m. June 25th. The scenery all the way through Pennsylvania was fine. The mountains were covered with trees and bushes all in bloom and at every place along the railroad folks were out to welcome us with cheers and things to eat. At 3:00 June 26th, the Regiment was called up and put on trains of cattle cars bound for Baltimore. The change from elegant cars in which we had come from Pittsburgh to these dirty cattle cars, in which we must either stand or sit on our knapsacks, was far from agreeable. Still at daylight greetings were kindly and handkerchiefs held in fair hands waved from doors and windows. As we neared Baltimore at Akondsons’ (?) mansion a comely domestic was sweeping the veranda and, as she noticed soldiers on the trains, waved her handkerchief.  A lady, apparently her mistress, appeared from the door, took the broom from her hand and shook the handle at us.  We answered with laughter and shouts.

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