Stewart School Update

Stow Historical Society is now about 18 months into the Old Schoolhouse (OSH) Project. We have gone through the major parts of the planning to the “move the building” stage. All the requesting and getting approvals, the preparations requiring drawings, the search for contractors and awarding of contracts are all invisible and behind the scenes tasks. The only visible indications that the OSH building will be moved are that the building siding, windows, and front stoop have been removed. Replacing the siding is a wrapping of Tyvek that will keep the water out until we start the outside restoration.

The  OSH site in the Heritage Reserve Park is being prepared for the construction of the new foundation. The location has been marked, the trees have been trimmed, the construction fence has been installed, and the steel plates placed in front of the excavation site. We are ready for the foundation excavation to begin the morning of Friday Sept 27 th . After the footers are poured, the two side foundation walls will be constructed. The top 16” of the foundation will be faced with stone. The stone facing has been cut from the original foundation stones that sat under the Stewart School from the 1880s until about 1956. The floor of the foundation will be poured concrete in preparation for the arrival of the building.
The moving of Stewart School required getting permits, preparing the building and the site, and selecting and contracting for a House Mover. This has been completed and the mover will be on site Monday October 14 th to prepare for the relocation. By the evening of Tuesday the 15 th they plan to have the building by the street on wheels. This means the three utility companies must have their wires removed or relocated from the poles in front of current Young Road lot and the entrance to Silver Springs Park.  Sometime between 9:00 AM and noon on Wed the October 16 th the building will move up the road a quarter of a mile to its new site. By the end of the day Wednesday Stewart School will be resting on the new foundation walls. Following that, the two end walls will be constructed and the foundation will be backfilled.
Please feel free to come and witness this BIG event. It will signify the end of Phase One and the start of Phase Two. Phase Two is the restoration of the outside of the schoolhouse. Consider joining the Construction Team as we plan the restoration tasks, purchasing of the materials and putting them in place to make Stewart School look like it did in its heyday. Phase Three of the restoration will be done on the inside. This too will start soon and needs to have volunteer workers. Please call Stow Historical Society at (330) 689_2852 or Bob at (330) 688-5888 to get on a TEAM.