September 2013 Member Meeting & Program: The President Is Shot!: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

An audience of 32 attended Stow Historical Society’s  September 23rd program at Stow Safety Center. Guest speaker was noted Abraham Lincoln expert, Geoff Elliott, whose topic was The President Is Shot!: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln.The talk  provided details about the assassination as well as the hunt for Booth, his co-conspirators, and lincolnthe outcome. Geoff included information about the funerals held (complete with Lincoln’s remains) in Cleveland and Columbus.

Abraham Lincoln speaker, writer, and lecturer Geoff Elliott has been fascinated with Lincoln’s life and legacy since early childhood. He has studied Lincoln for more than 40 years, researching all aspects of the nation’s 16th President.
Geoff is the author of The Abraham Lincoln Blog, which he began in 2007 as a way to honor Lincoln as well as to help others learn more about Lincoln the person, the man behind the myths. The Abraham Lincoln Blog has been recommended by The Smithsonian Institution, the websites Civil War Interactive, and numerous schools and libraries as an important source of information about Lincoln.  With nearly 550,000 page views, it is the Internet’s most visited blog devoted to Lincoln.
In addition to blogging, Geoff uses social media extensively in his Lincoln teachings. His Twitter account “Mr. Lincoln” has over 8,800 followers, while his Facebook page about Lincoln has almost 1,100 “likes.”
Several media outlets nationwide have interviewed Geoff for stories about Lincoln. The Congressional newspaper “The Hill” used him as a source along with nationally known Lincoln experts for a piece last November about Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” film.
In recent years, Geoff has begun lecturing throughout Ohio about a wide range of Lincoln topics, including The Emancipation Proclamation; the struggle to find competent generals; Lincoln’s many ties to Ohio; and The Lincoln Funeral Train.  Geoff Elliott has lived most of his life in the North Canton, Ohio area.