Found in the Archives!

Stow Historical Society is currently exhibiting “Stow’s Local Businesses” at Stow-Munroe Falls
Public Library.

This exhibit features artifacts from local businesses operating during the mid-20 th
century. Items include bottles from Stow Dairy, a jar from Becker Foods, Darrow Popcorn, a
Ritchie’s Turkey Farm bucket, and an Isaly’s cooler.

A 1939 map of Stow indicates the locations of Becker’s, Acme Store #14, the Sohio station, and Eddie Parson’s gas station. Stow Corners (intersection of Routes 91 and 59) was a hub for local shopping, where residents couldpurchase groceries, gas, hardware, and insurance policies, all from friends and neighbors.

They could also borrow books from the library, attend church, get an ice cream cone, and pick up
their mail at the post office. Further out from Stow Corners were Stow Smorgasbord and
Darrow Popcorn to the north, Stow Dairy one block to the west, and Stow Airfield to the east.
Many more businesses, including farms such as Call’s Farm, provided Stow’s residents with
their needs when residents shopped local. “Stow’s Local Businesses” will remain on display until
Labor Day.