Adventures of E.A. Season

31st and last in a series.

After the Civil War, Edwin settled in Darrowville, Ohio. He married Emma Call (daughter of Moses D. and Harriet Starr Call, and sister of Mary Call) June 4, 1866. It is probable that the “Friend Mary” Edwin had written to in 1862 was the older sister of Emma. The letters to Mary have remained in the Season family since that time. Edwin found work as the yard master with the Pennsylvania Railroad. He and Mary had six children: Leora, Grace, Edwin Herbert, Bessie, Emma Maude, and Archibald. Family papers state that their house was located near the interurban. Edwin’s friends would drive to his house, park their horse drawn buggies, and take the interurban the rest of the way into town. See a photo of the Hudson Township Railroad station here and read about the ABC interurban here. Edwin continued to attend reunions of his regiment throughout his life. He was the next to the last surviving member of the First Minnesota when he died in June, 1936 at the age of 98.Edwin and Emma are buried in Maple Lawn Cemetery, Darrowville (Stow, Ohio). Seasons Road in Stow is named after the family.

Edwin Austin Season, pioneer, soldier, and long-time Stow resident