E.A. Season’s Letter to Mary

22nd in a series.

Edwin’s letter to “Friend Mary” continued…

Our regiment has just gone the outpost. It is a very pleasant morning and everything seems to be uncommon still this morning. The cannonading has stopped entirely. Our boys is returning. One came ahead and reported that the enemy has evacuated their works here and Dana’s (Brigadier General J.T. Dana) Brig(ade) occupies there and the Stars and Stripes are now floating where the rebel flag floated yesterday. We are ordered to move immediately. We are to leave everything behind and follow them. It is not known whether they are making a general retreat or whether they are falling back to their stronger entrenchments, but I suppose we will soon find out.

There is a great many conjectures in regard to the movements of the enemy some think that Bank? And McDonel? has made a ? and are advancing on Richmond and they are retreating back to protect that place. I don’t know whether I will have to go with the regiment or not, but I think not. I will have to stop now and find out. Everything is in confusion so I can’t think of anything and I can’t half write what I can think of.  

The Confederate General was J. Bankhead McGruder https://www.nps.gov/people/john-b-magruder.htm