E.A. Season’s Letter to Mary

20th in a series.

Edwin’s letter to “Friend Mary” continued…

I suppose you are well aware that the enemy is strongly fortified here, their fortifications extend from the York River to the James River, a distance of six or seven miles, and they are working night and day strengthening them. In order to take these without a great sacrifice of life we have got to build fortifications to plant our guns and which is being done as fast as can be. We have working parties at work night and day. We have seen some of our works completed and commenced new ones yesterday. We have had some very bad weather to contend with. It rained more than half the time in April, but it has cleared off now and we are in hopes of getting some good weather in May…. We are anxiously waiting the result of the battle and we think if we are victorious here that it will be the winding up of the rebellion and we are confident of success for we have one of the best Generals in the world, that McClellan, the officers and the men have perfect confidence in him. He is ready for any emergency. It would be next to impossible to surprise him.

Headquarters of General McClellan at Camp Winfield Scott, York, VA, 1862. Photo courtesy Library of Congress