Adventures of E.A. Season

11th in a series

In April I started for Minnesota again. David Darrow went with me as far as Chicago. He went into southern Iowa. I went to Rock Island and took the stage for Dubuque. From there I walked to Maquoketa some twenty miles to make the Sadlers a visit. One of the girls married a man by the name of Ogden. There I stayed for some days and had a good time. From there I went up to Mr. O’Brien’s and Joseph Sadler’s some eighteen miles in the timber belt. After making them all a visit I walked back to Dubuque and took a boat for Minnesota, where I arrived sometime in May ’57….The winter of ’59 there was a Miss Waldron, a preacher’s daughter, started a school at the (Cannon) Falls and two other boys and I kept house and went to school, the last I had.