Thank you John Baranek

John Baranek was presented with a plaque at the member meeting November 26th in honor of his service and dedication to Stow Historical Society. John has been a member for 22 years and has served in several positions on the Board. He has been Board President for 11 years, making him the second longest serving President. (Paul Coleman was President for 12 years.) John will not be returning as Board President, but will remain active with the Society.

John has served the Society in many capacities, including as liaison with the City. He has worked with mayors, parks and recreation, and department heads to make sure the Society’s needs and concerns are addressed.

John has served as cashier at the Harvest Festivals and canned hundreds of jars of apple butter. He has served as a tour guide for school tours, conducted Board meetings and Member meetings, provided refreshments for the meetings, answered numerous phone calls and emails from donors and members, overseen care of the historic buildings, and the move of the archives office to City Hall, and promoted the Historical Society to the community.

We would like to recognize and thank John for his hard work on behalf of the Society and wish him well in his future endeavors.

Long-time SHS member, Houston Morgan, presents a plaque of recognition to John Baranek