Board Meeting Notes

SHS Board members met at 700 p.m Monday, June 12th at Stow City Hall. Members present were John Baranek, Bob Flower, Ron Piatt, Houston Morgan, and John Daugherty. Absent were John Pribonic and Annie Hanson. Reporting on Stewart School, Ron Piatt stated that the teacher’s platform flooring is completed and that he is searching for a clock that is period specific for the schoolhouse. He also provided a sample of the remaining flooring for the entry doors. The new roof on the Heritage House Museum has been completed and Bob Flower is now looking into contracting for replacement of the siding. Planning is progressing for the annual Harvest Festival. The Board is looking for non-profit groups or organizations interested in helping with parking and other duties during the festival. If interested please contact Board President John Baranek or one of the other members.  If you are a craft vendor interested in a booth space contact