Sunbonnet Girls Quilt

quiltThis beautiful Sunbonnet Girls Quilt, part of the Stow Historical Society archives collection, was entered in the Mutton Hill Quilt Show,  sponsored by the Summit County Historical Society, held at the J.S. Knight Center Oct. 16-18. The three day event featured quilts from around the country, lectures, vendors, raffles, and a Vintage Quilt Display.

A Girl Scout troop from Holy Family Church began the quilt in 1960 using fabric from the 1920’s & ‘30’s for the sunbonnet girls’ dresses, but the quilt was not completed. In 1980 the quilt was rediscovered and the various pieces were laundered, ironed and individually placed on white muslin squares ready for embroidery.  A material expert was consulted who provided information about the material and suggested how it should be finished to look like the time of the 1930’s.  All the hand quilting was done by ladies from the Stow Historical Society.  Assembled and redone by Carol and Ruth Kuhlke and hand quilted  by Dorothea Troyer and Dorothy Schmiedel longtime members of the Society.