Board Meeting Notes

Stow Historical Society Board of Trustees met Monday, June 8th at Stow City Hall. We will be sponsoring a square dance at the Heritage Barn the evening of Wednesday, August 12th , joined by the Circulators Square Dance Club of Ravenna. This should be a fun time for members, guests, and the community. More information will be forthcoming on this event. Board members voted to approve funds for electrical work at the Stewart School. Harvest Festival plans are coming along. Craft vendors are starting to sign up. Please think about ways in which you can volunteer for the Festival, which is the main fund raiser of the year. We could use someone to coordinate parking, and we will need hosts for the historical buildings. Also, folks to sell apple butter and other items.  Our next member meeting will be Monday, June 22nd at 7:00 p.m. at Stow City Hall. Speaker will be Denny Reiser