Stewart School Report

Bob Flower, Old School House Committee Chair, provided the following report at the December 6, 2014 Stow Historical Society meeting.


Summary Report of the 2014 OSH restoration events

1. In January the restoration doors and windows were selected and the order placed with Summit Millwork.
2. In February the Board Approved Tim Flower’s Eagle Scout Project Plans to landscape the OSH,and provided funding for the materials.
3. In March the windows and doors arrived and were assembled in Richard Schilling’s shop.
4. In April the windows and doors were installed and the front wall restored to accommodate the
original door and window configuration. The City authorized Thompson Electric to install a
meter to monitor the electrical usage in the park. This information was then used to determine the best way to provide power to the OSH. This is still the current plan. The materials for the roofing and the siding were determined and quotes obtained.
5. In May the siding was delivered and stored inside the OSH. The lawn was cleaned up, seeded, and covered with straw.
6. In June the Construction Team began installing the siding. The Interior Restoration Team was
formed and held their first meeting at the OSH. The final roof material was selected, and quotes
obtained for the material and the installation. Quotes were received for the electrical service
cable and for the interior wiring.
7. In July the City of Stow agreed to install the electrical service conduit, install a drain in front of the OSH, and install the front sidewalks. The ADA access ramp was moved to the rear OSH door and a sidewalk added on the east side. The front stoops were redesigned using original barnstone and were made identical. The Board approved the roofing material purchase and the contract for installation. The Board approved the material purchase for the two redesigned front stoops and the construction started.
8. In August the front stoops were completed by volunteer workers. The spouting was selected
and delivered with the roofing material. The roofing was installed, the siding completed along
with the spouting and the soffits.
9. In September the preliminary plans for the ADA ramp were reviewed by the City. The
landscaping on the west side of the OSH was installed by the Scouts. The Interior Restoration
Team met and determined the final layout of the front sidewalks and the concrete color. The
City notified us that they cannot pour the sidewalks in 2014.
10. In October the City moved the remaining barnstone to the OSH site so it can be used to edge the landscaping gardens. Our goal was met and the OSH was open for the Harvest Festival on Oct 4th and 5th. The Scouts completed the landscaping of the front and the east side. Final caulkingwas completed on the building and stoops to make the OSH ready for winter.
11. In December we are creating the list of work tasks for the OSH interior restoration. All those
wishing to contribute to this part of the restoration, either with thoughts, words, deeds or
funds, please contact the Stow Historical Society Old School House Committee.