Annual Picnic

Thirty-six members and guests attended the annual picnic meeting held Monday, August 25th at the Heritage Barn. Everyone enjoyed the variety of good food and conversation. Reports on the Old Schoolhouse project and the upcoming Harvest Festival were given. The Stewart School should be open for visitors during the Festival, which will be held October 4th and 5th. A volunteer sheet was passed around, as volunteers are needed to sit in the historic houses, work at the raffle/apple butter table, assist with set-up, parking, kitchen, etc.

Contact Howard and Laverne Corathers at if you would like to sit in the Darrow House or Jacinda Warman at if you would like to sit in the Starr House. Contact Beth Daugherty at if interested in working at the raffle/applebutter table. Shifts are no more than two hours. We will also have a sign up sheet at the next meeting, September 22nd. If you are a craft vendor contact Tammie Menke at Or contact SHS President John Baranek at

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