Old Schoolhouse Update

It is time we brought everyone up to date regarding the Old Schoolhouse Project. The Fund Raising Committee has been very active and has made our project well known to all in the area via the Harvest Festival kickoff and the Stow Sentry Mini-series. They also have visited Stow businesses and organizations and placed donation canisters in their stores. The organizations have responded with donations including the Stow Munroe Falls Rotary with a donation of $10,000. The FRC also submitted a grant request to the Lehner Family Foundation of Munroe Falls. They also responded with a grant of $10,000. With these donations and the money in the bank, we have almost enough to build the new building foundation and move the building.

The Construction Team has been active in doing the necessary things to make the building move happen. This included submitting the request to move the building to the City of Stow Planning and Zoning committee. This was approved by them, approved by the Council Planning committee, and City Council.  The architect has been hired and the drawings are being prepared. We next have to get the plans approved by the City. We also met with the Metro Parks to have them initiate the transfer of the building to the City of Stow. We have their cooperation and support for the move, and they do not have plans for that property in 2013. The new site for the OSH has been selected and stakes are in the ground. You can drive into Heritage Reserve Park, go past the cupola and the site is on the left.

There are opportunities to apply your time and talents to the tasks related to the move preparation and the post move restoration. If you or you know someone who would like to volunteer as part of the OSH Committee, please call Bob Flower or John Baranek. We are working towards a goal of moving in the third quarter of this year.

Bob Flower – OSH Committee Chair